FM Kids Presents

Crossway Station

Hey Families,

For many kids, the story of Easter seems to follow very quickly after the story of Christmas. This leaves little time for kids to pause and process what happened between Jesus being born and Jesus dying and rising again. 

Crossway Station is a discipleship tool for the entire family that is packed with engaging activities and discussion questions. As you go on a journey through each platform,  these six discipleship activities will help kids learn about and reflect on critical moments of Jesus' life leading up to Easter.  So grab your family, get your tickets and snacks and climb aboard the Crossway Train as we discover that deep truth of Jesus for this Easter season. 

Begin your Journey

Remember that the goal is not to "get through" all six activities, but to help your children spend time with God and know more about the story of Jesus. Your family's journey may look different than you would imagine and it may look different than another family's journey within our church, but each individual journey matters and is incredibly valuable! 

Plan the Journey

Below you will find downloadable resource guides to help you prepare for each of the six platforms!

Crossway Overview (PDF)

Crossway Shopping List (PDF)

Platform Ticket (PDF)


View each of the Platform Discipleships using the links below!

Platform 1 (PDF) Recommended Date (April 10)

Platform 2 (PDF) Recommended Date (April 11)

Platform 3 (PDF) Recommended Date (April 12)

Platform 4 (PDF) Recommended Date (April 14)

Platform 5 (PDF) Recommended Date (April 15)

Platform 6 (PDF) Recommended Date (April 17)