First McAllen Beliefs

First McAllen is a Southern Baptist church in McAllen, Texas striving to live out the Biblical command to love God, each other and our neighbors well. This means worshiping and following Jesus Christ not only through our words, but also through the lives we lead. We believe and adhere to the SBC Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and believe we are called to become a Kingdom focused church with the purpose of providing hope and healing to the community around us.

SBC Baptist Faith and Message

Becoming Kingdom minded

Everything we do is based upon focusing on the kingdom and asking the Lord what his vision for First McAllen is in the Rio Grande Valley. We strive to ensure that everything we do as a church and as individuals in the body of Christ would help point others back to Jesus

Hope and HeAling in Jesus

The mission of First McAllen is to help connect broken people in a broken world to the source of life so that they can find the hope and healing that is only found in Jesus Christ.

Create an ENVIRONMENT of Worship

Anyone can show up on a Sunday and sit in a pew. Here at First McAllen we want to encourage people to worship during service during both our music and sermon times.

Staying Mission Minded

Although currently Covid-19 has changed our mission plans, First McAllen believes in Mission work both inside and outside our community. We do this through both Mission Trips and our giving our 10% of all incoming funds to Missions.