First McAllen Mission Partners

  • As a part of the Souther Baptist Convention we adhere to the Baptist Faith & Message and through our and many other churches giving to the Cooperative Program help support missionaries around the world.

  • Through giving to our statewide convention we are able to help support 13,000 new seminary students as well as 8,000 new church plants throughout the globe. 

  • Through our giving to the Annie Armstrong Offering, we are able to help the North American Mission Board reach the people of North America with the gospel through missionaries, church plants, discipleships and many other opportunities. 

  • Through our giving to the international mission board we are able to help support missionaries across the globe as they spread the word of the Lord. Our church also currently has 2 missionaries from out local congregation who are on the mission field. 

  • Partnering with the Alexis Foundation, we provide a monetary donation monthly to help support the operation of their orphanage which provides, food, clothing, shelter, education, spiritual guidance and cultural and developmental opportunities for the children. 

  • Through our partnering with Alaska Missions, both monetarily and through planned mission trips, we are able to help bring the gospel to a group of people who are in need of a Savior to help fill the brokenness through the transforming of their hearts and lives with the message of hope in Christ.